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Alabama cop charged with raping woman following arrest on child sex abuse charges


By: Travis Gettys

An Alabama police officer was arrested on rape charges less than two weeks after his arrest on child sex abuse charges.

Joshua Herbinger, a crime scene technician with the Birmingham Police Department, was charged Monday with first-degree rape in a case involving an adult woman, reported Continue reading

WATCH: Cops grab California man’s ID and camera for filming training raid

By: Arturo Garcia

A Tracy, California man captured his harassment at the hands of two members of his local police department’s SWAT team for filming them in a public space, the Free Thought Project reported.

“I’m not doing anything illegal, am I?” the cameraman, who identified himself as Troy Stevenson, asks one of the officers.  Continue reading

Oxycontin marketing suit is Purdue Pharma’s ‘legal nightmare’


By: Debra Cassens Weiss

A civil lawsuit filed by the state of Kentucky against the maker of Oxycontin could tarnish the company’s mostly successful legal track record in cases alleging abuse of the painkiller.

Purdue Pharma has won dismissals of more than 400 personal-injury lawsuits involving the drug and defeated more than 10 would-be class actions, Bloomberg News reports. But the company suffered a setback in Kentucky’s suit when a judge ruled in April 2013 that the company had missed a deadline to respond to the state’s requests for admission, and the entire list would be treated as admissions. Continue reading

As fewer law grads become lawyers, the profession shows its age


By: Debra Cassens Weiss

The legal profession is aging as the percentage of younger lawyers continues to shrink in a decades-long trend.

In 1980, 36 percent of the nation’s licensed lawyers were under age 35, compared to just 13 percent in this age group in 2005. The figures come from The Lawyer Statistical Report, which is based on data from Martindale-Hubbell and compiled by the American Bar Foundation. Meanwhile, the median lawyer age also increased from 39 in 1980 to 49 in 2005. Continue reading

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Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard indicted on 23 felony corruption charges by Lee County Grand Jury

By: Mike Cason

Mike Hubbard, speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives and a powerful leader in the state Republican Party, has been indicted by a grand jury and charged with 23 counts, including using his office for personal gain and soliciting things of value.

Late Monday afternoon, Hubbard reported to the Lee County Jail where he was booked. Continue reading