D.C High School Substitute Teacher Arrested For Sexual Abuse

NYC Eviction Filing Rules

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Some Evangelical Churches Are Now Accredited To Provide Legal Services To Immigrants

Activists carried signs supporting immigration reform in McAllen, Texas in July 2014.

Activists carried signs supporting immigration reform in McAllen, Texas in July 2014.

By: Esther YU-HSI LEE

For all their prayer and legal counsel needs, immigrant congregants can now head to church. A coalition of 15 evangelical church-based denominations that represent more than 28,500 churches launched national efforts Tuesday to provide free to low-cost legal services to immigrants who are unable to find or pay for attorneys to handle immigration paperwork on their own.  Continue reading

GOP trying to sway state’s highest courts; here’s how to counter that strategy

By: Indy Week

This year’s election for the state judiciary is the first involving big money funneled through political action committees since the GOP repealed a law that established a N.C. Public Campaign Fund for judicial elections in 2013.

North Carolina is one of just seven states where chief justices are elected by voters, drawing campaign donations from across the country. Candidates for the Supreme Court have received more than $4 million in donations, with more than $1 million going to television ads. Mark Martin has contracted for 383 solo ads worth nearly $100,000, according to the Brenan Center for Justice. His contributions are more than double those of his challenger, Ola Lewis.

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It’s Legal To Sing In The NYC Subway, Yep But This Singer Got Arrested Anyway By a Cop Reading The Exact Law that Lets Him PLAY!

By: Sam Proof

The disconnect between the cops and the people seems to grow ever stronger, because in this day an age EVERY little thing is filmed and all we see are the bad, the dumb the mistakes. So you would think step one might be making sure all cops are clear on what is and what isn’t legal. Continue reading

Entire Court in California Had to Step Down – All Judges



By: Martin Armstrong

The legal system in the United States is becoming so corrupt, this is exactly as Edward Gibbon wrote about the collapse of the rule of law in Rome. Continue reading

Service of Process

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