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Judge orders Bank of America to pay $1.2B for Countrywide’s sale of faulty loans

By Debra Cassens Weiss

A federal judge in Manhattan has ordered Bank of America to pay $1.2 billion in civil penalties for defective mortgages sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff ordered the payment in a Wednesday decision after a federal jury determined that Bank of America’s Countrywide unit had engaged in an intentional scheme to misrepresent the quality of its mortgages, the New York Law Journal reports. He also ordered former Countrywide executive Rebecca Mairone to pay $1 million. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog, Reuters and Bloomberg also have stories. Read the rest of this entry »

NYC police unions have no standing to intervene in stop-and-frisk settlements, says federal judge

By: Stephanie Francis Ward

Finding that various New York City police unions have no standing in the city’s stop-and-frisk lawsuits—which Mayor Bill Blasio decided to settle in January—a federal judge on Wednesday denied the law enforcement groups’ motion to intervene.

“Although officers mentioned by name in the orders may feel that their reputations have been harmed due to the public evaluation of their conduct, it is less clear how anonymous officers with no connection to this litigation might suffer reputational injury from a finding that their employer’s policy violates the Constitution,” wrote Judge Analisa Torres in her opinion (PDF). “The unions offer no explanation other than to state the conclusion that such officers are in fact harmed.” Read the rest of this entry »


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Jail for Man Who Stole Millions, Lied About Booking Rihanna and Justin Bieber


By: Associated Press

A New York man who stole millions of dollars from clients by falsely promising to book performances by world-famous recording artists like RihannaLady Gagaand Justin Bieber has been sentenced to five to 10 years in prison.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.announced the sentencing of 39-year-old Meceo McEaddy on Tuesday. Read the rest of this entry »

Boston Man Arrested for Allegedly Raping Girl During Keith Urban Concert


By: Billboard

An 18-year-old Boston man has been arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl during a Keith Urban concert at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Mass., on July 26. Read the rest of this entry »


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McDonald’s Loses $27 Million Jury Verdict Over 2 Deaths

By: Margaret Cronin Fisk and Laurel Brubaker Calkins

McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) lost a $27 million jury verdict in Texas over a claim that lax security at one of its restaurants led to the deaths of two teenagers.

Denton James Ward, 18, was beaten to death by a mob in February 2012, and his girlfriend, Lauren Bailey Crisp, 19, died in a traffic accident in a futile attempt to bring Ward to a hospital. Read the rest of this entry »

NYPD Unions Lose Bid to Block Stop and Frisk Settlement

By Patricia Hurtado

New York police unions lost a bid to block Mayor Bill de Blasio’ssettlement of lawsuits over stop-and-frisk tactics, removing a major obstacle to an accord that will largely bar the controversial police practice.

U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres in Manhattan rejected the request by the five unions, including the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and the Detectives’ Endowment Association, saying they have no significant interests tied to the case. Read the rest of this entry »

Barmageddon? Bar exam takers in multiple states can’t upload tests; deadlines extended

By: Debra Cassens Weiss

Bar exam test takers have overcome test-day roadblocks in the past.

Above the Law recalls persistent test takers who carried on after fainting, while in labor, and during an earthquake.

But the website says there was a disaster of greater proportions Tuesday evening when students in multiple states experienced delays and failures when trying to upload their completed exams using ExamSoft software. The blog was inundated with complaints from test takers staying up late trying to upload their exams multiple times, even as they faced a second day of exams on Wednesday. Read the rest of this entry »


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