Grandmother bites off tongue of rapist as he tried to kiss her by force


By: Chan Yuan

A man lost a piece of his tongue after he tried to kiss a woman while raping her.  The 30-year-old man tried to kiss his 75-year-old victim early Saturday morning.

The woman was on her way home from Tsomo, Eastern Cape in South Africa, when she was attacked. The thug raped and beat her, but she got her revenge when he tried to kiss her.  Continue reading

Girls soccer coach arrested for sending video showing him pleasuring himself while looking at his students


By: Tanya Malhotra

A girls soccer coach was arrested on charges of risk of injury to a minor after allegedly sending a video to his students that showed him pleasuring himself while watching them perform, police in Connecticut said.

Now, the coach at the Edwin O. Smith High School said that he sent the video to his students by mistake. Continue reading

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Rare NHTSA alert warns 4.7 million vehicle owners of airbag safety issue, urges immediate inspection


By: Martha Neil

Owners of 4.7 million vehicles manufactured 10 to 15 years ago by BMW, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota should get an immediate inspection to determine if they have faulty airbags, a federal agency warned Monday.

The rare National Highway Traffic Safety Administration alert concerns vehicles equipped with airbags made by Takata Corp. that have been the subject of prior recalls, according to the Los Angeles Times (sub. req.). Continue reading

The Dangerous Legal Rule Behind The Supreme Court’s Latest Voter Suppression Decision


By: Ian Millhiser

As a matter of precedent, the Supreme Court’s decision on Saturday to allow Texas’ Voter ID law to take effect is defensible. In 2006, a lower federal court halted Arizona’s voter ID law shortly before an election. The Supreme Court, in a case known as Purcell v. Gonzalez, reinstated the law. “Court orders affecting elections,” according to the justices, “can themselves result in voter confusion and consequent incentive to remain away from the polls. As an election draws closer, that risk will increase.” Thus, courts should be reluctant to hand down decisions affecting a state’s election law as the election itself draws nigh. Continue reading

GOP Attorney General Says It Is ‘Unethical’ To Keep Fighting Marriage Equality In Court


By: Ian Millhiser

A federal judge held on Friday that marriage equality is protected by the Constitutionand the state of Arizona may no longer deny equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. Shortly after this decision, Attorney General Tom Horne (R) announced that he would not appeal it, effectively halting the state’s resistance to equality.  Continue reading

New York Mayor Campaigned Against Pot Crackdowns, But Possession Arrests Are Still Soaring


By: Nicole Flatow

New York City is implementing a court order to scale back rampant police stops, and Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) lamented during his campaign that marijuana possession arrests have “disastrous consequences for individuals and their families.” But in 2014, monthly pot possession arrests have gone up, and 86 percent of those arrests were of African Americans or Latinos, according to data compiled by Queens College professor Harry Levine. Continue reading