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Women in the Criminal Justice System

By: Tricia Hussung

CTX_CJwomenSeeing female police officers, lawyers, corrections officers and judges is a common occurrence these days. However, women working in the criminal justice system is a relatively new trend. It wasn’t long ago that this was quite rare. In fact, in 1872 the Supreme Court ruled against allowing a woman, Myra Bradwell, to practice law. It wasn’t until the 20th century, especially after the middle of the century, that the number of women in law enforcement significantly increased.  Continue reading

Indiana Court Of Appeals Grants Transgender Man Amended Birth Certificate

By: Zack Ford

Indiana-Birth-Certificate-638x425When transgender individuals seek to update the gender marker on their birth certificates to match their other legal documents, they are bound by the laws of the state in which they were born. Many have specific requirements — some of which unfortunately include surgery that not all trans people wish to have or can afford to have — while others don’t have specific policies. Indiana does not have specific requirements for gender transition, and earlier this month, a state appellate court issued an amended birth certificate to a transgender applicant, concluding simply that he’d made a good faith effort to make his documentation consistent — and not to commit fraud. Continue reading

Indiana State Senator Announces Medical Marijuana Bill

By: Tom Angell

Indiana-State-Capitol-1-702x336A move by Congress to block funding for federal interference in state medical marijuana laws is emboldening legislators who want their states to join others that already allow legal use of the drug or its components.Indiana State Senator Karen Tallian announced Tuesday that she plans to file a medical cannabis bill when the legislature begins its 2015 session in January.“Now that this last major federal obstacle has been lifted, it is my hope that the Indiana General Assembly will be more open to adopting sensible marijuana policies,” Tallian said in an email to  Continue reading

Judge rules against police use of secret webcam to collect admissible evidence


Police in Franklin County, Washington, were overruled by a federal judge this week in their attempt to admit evidence in a criminal case against a man they had been surreptitiously spying on via a webcam they had nailed to an outdoor utility pole.U.S. District Judge Edward Shea ruled that the cops could not admit as evidence the warrantless footage they had collected from the camera, which they remotely operated for six weeks outside the home of a man they suspected of selling drugs. Continue reading

How You Beat A Photo-Radar Speeding Ticket

By: Conservative Politics, Liberty News

Traffic Lights and cameraVirginia resident Nate Cox, an Army vet whose license plate reads “ENDW4R,” received a speeding ticket in the mail last May alleging he was behind the wheel when his Honda Civic was (allegedly) clocked by a photo-radar device exceeding the posted speed limit somewhere in Washington, D.C.But unlike most people, who’ve become inured to the way municipalities con motorists by making it easier to pay a fine than dispute the charge, Cox, in his own words, “knew better.”He didn’t hire a lawyer or concoct some elaborate scheme to outfox the system. Cox beat the ticket by simply standing up for himself as an American citizen whose Constitutional protections would be violated if he admitted guilt and paid the fine. Continue reading

Retro Read: The Knockoff vs. Counterfeit Distinction


All counterfeits are infringements, but not all infringements are counterfeits. Knockoffs are distinct from counterfeits, and design piracy is not actually illegal. This is some of the legal jargon that gets thrown around in fashion. While all of the aforementioned information is accurate, quite frequently the terms that identify different types of fake designer goods are used synonymously and thus, inappropriately. So, here’s a breakdown of some of the terms we frequently come across in terms of fashion fakes and what they mean, in plain English …

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