Wind farm sues feds to stop release of bird-death data to Associated Press

By: Martha Neil

Flying eagles looking for prey are much like texting drivers behind the wheel.

They don’t notice wind farm turbines in their flight path until it’s too late.

However, such birds are under federal protection, and the Associated Press has been asking why wind farms, unlike oil and power companies, haven’t been prosecuted over the inadvertent deaths. Continue reading

Woman is in hot water over spilled-coffee claim against McDonald’s


By: Martha Neil

A California woman is facing a felony insurance fraud case after being accused of falsely claiming that she was burned when the lid came off a cup of hot coffee at a fast food restaurant drive-thru in Fontana.

Selena Edwards, 38, is alleged to have sent faked treatment documents and burn photos from a hospital website in a bid to get $10,000 from McDonald’s Corp., authorities said. Although she received no medical treatment for the claimed injury to her hand last year, she was paid $2,000 by an insurer for the restaurant, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Associated Press and the L.A. Now blog. Continue reading

Federal Judge Strikes Yet Another Provision Of Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law

Laurent Taillefer, Andrea Begay

By: Nicole Flatow

A federal court struck down one of the remaining key components of Arizona’s anti-immigration law Friday, in a ruling that hammers home Arizona’s overreach in trying to regulate immigration on its own.  Continue reading

Is an Uber ride covered if an accident occurs? Insurance representatives are dubious


By: Martha Neil

It isn’t just traditional taxi drivers who see a problem with the ride-sharing service offered by Uber.  Linking potential customers, via a smartphone application, with private drivers willing to take them to their destinations may result in a fare lower than what a traditional cab company would charge. But it may also result in a lack of insurance, should an accident occur. Continue reading

SCOTUS accepts another challenge to the health-care law; subsidies at issue

By: Debra Cassens Weiss

Developing: The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear another challenge to the Obama administration’s health care law, this time over tax subsidies said to be essential to the law.The court granted cert this afternoon in King v. Burwell, according to SCOTUSblog, the New York Times and the Associated Press.

“This is a challenge to the most consequential regulation promulgated under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” the cert petition (PDF) asserts. Continue reading

Oregon Voters Deny Driver’s Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants


By: Esther Yu-Hsi Lee

On Tuesday night, Oregon voters killed a ballot initiative that would have allowed undocumented immigrants in the state to apply for driver’s licenses. The ballot initiative known as Measure 88 would have given four-year driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants “without requiring proof of legal presence in the United States” and died with a vote of 68 -33 percent.  Continue reading

Dallas County DA known for exposing wrongful convictions loses to GOP challenger


By: Debra Cassens Weiss

A district attorney who was in the national spotlight for freeing more than 30 inmates said to be wrongfully convicted has lost his re-election bid.  Dallas County District Attorney District Attorney Craig Watkins lost in Tuesday’s elections to his Republican challenger, Susan Hawk, report the Dallas Morning News, the Associated Press and Continue reading