Apple and Facebook will cover the cost of freezing employees’ eggs

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By: Mariella Moon

Apparently, Facebook has been offering to cover the costs of egg freezing for female employees since January 1st this year, and you know who’s following in its footsteps? Apple. The iPhone-maker plans to offer the same service to its employees starting in January 2015. According to NBCNews, these two might just be the first employers willing to pay for the entire cost of egg freezing for non-medical reasons, which means everyone qualifies for the benefit, not just cancer patients for whom the procedure was originally intended. Most likely, employers hope to encourage female staff members to stay with them even during the last few years most women can conceive (late 30’s to early 40’s), as those are also the years one typically takes on senior positions. They’re probably also betting on the move to save them recruiting and hiring costs in the long run, while keeping top talent around and promoting gender diversity at the same time. Continue reading

Penn. teen claims no racial motivation for dressing in KKK hood, shouting racial slurs


By: Travis Gettys

A Pennsylvania teenager insists he was only joking around when he dressed up in a Ku Klux Klan uniform and shouted a racial slur at a black woman.

Walter Reibsome appeared Wednesday in court for a preliminary hearing on ethnic intimidation and harassment charges in connection with the incident.

A judge ruled there was enough evidence to send the case to trial.  The 18-year-old said outside court that he was not racist and harassed other students Aug. 4 at Bloomsburg University as a joke. Continue reading

Cop To Immigrant During Traffic Stop: ‘If You Do Something, I Will Kill You Right Here’


By: Esther Yu-Hsi Lee

Teodulo Sanchez was driving home when an Arizona police officer pulled him over and threatened to “kill” or “shoot” him if he moved, according to a video of the incident captured last week. Immigration advocates have long charged that Arizona police officers indiscriminately pull over members of the Latino community, oftentimes using the anti-immigrant state law colloquially known as the “show me your papers” law, as justification.  Continue reading

Facebook Apologizes to Drag Queens Over Real-Name Policy


By: Brian Womack

Facebook Inc. (FB) apologized to drag queens and the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community after an outcry over the social network’s policy of requiring members to use real names for their accounts on its service.

The company, which from its founding has focused on authentic identities instead of allowing anonymous activity, drew criticism after it locked out some users going by their drag names, leading to complaints that the inability to use a pseudonym could compromise individuals’ safety and privacy.

According to a statement yesterday by Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, Facebook was caught off-guard when someone reported several hundred of these accounts as fake, triggering a process that requires users to validate their names with some form of identification, like library cards, mail or gym memberships, which can be difficult for those who go by pseudonyms.  Continue reading

Revenge porn: Children as young as 11 are victims – with less than 5% of cases being prosecuted


By: Ian Johnston

Children as young as 11 have been the victims of “revenge pornography”, police have revealed, with new figures showing less than 5 per cent of cases lead to a prosecution because of legal loopholes.

Eight police forces in England and Wales said they had received 149 allegations of revenge porn – where explicit photographs are posted online, often by an ex-partner – in the past two-and-a-half years. However, only six cases had resulted in a police caution or charge. The majority of victims are young women.

Those figures are likely to be a vast underestimate of the problem nationwide, since most police forces did not record the data. They are largely powerless to intervene until new laws – due to pass through the Lords next month – are introduced to make revenge porn a crime.

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Reyhaneh Jabbari: Iran due to execute woman for murder of her alleged attempted rapist


By: Heather Saul

An Iranian woman charged with the murder of man who allegedly attempted to rape her could be executed today.

Reyhaneh Jabbari, 26, was arrested in 2007 for the killing of Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a former employee of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence who she said tried to sexually abuse her.

She was sentenced to death by a Tehran court in 2009 and her execution verdict was upheld by Iran’s Supreme Court. Her case drew international outcry and sparked a petition urging her release, which has garnered over 190,000 signatures.

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Law firm uses rapper Master P and his ‘trademark grunt’ to brand its advertising


By: Martha Neil

A well-known rap artist isn’t just narrating video advertising for a Kentucky personal injury law firm.

Winton & Hiestand is also branding its services with whatAbove the Law describes as Master P’s “trademark grunt.”

Spelled UGHH! on law firm billboards, which feature the heading “HURT? MAKE EM SAY UGHH!,” the unique Master P sound can also be heard about 18 seconds into a video promoting the Louisville firm. Continue reading