15-year-old girl jailed for running sophisticated prostitution ring


By: Tanya Malhotra

A 15-year-old girl ran a prostitution ring.  She charged men $400 for one sex session.  The teenager of Canada, has now been sentenced to six and a half years in prison after being charged as an adult.  Continue reading

Caught on video: Philly cop threatens to ‘beat the sh*t’ out of teen for looking him in the ‘f*cking eye’


By: David Edwards

The Philadelphia Police Department said over the weekend that it would discipline an officer who was caught on video threatening to “beat the sh*t” out of a teen.

In a video uploaded to Facebook earlier this month by Damaris Abercrombie, an officer is seen walking beside a group of teens. Continue reading

Facebook tells the DEA to stop making fake accounts


By: Jason Reed

Facebook is fighting back after learning that the DEA created a fake account using the information of a woman whose cellphone had been seized (that information included provocative photos from her phone, as well as photos of some of her family members).

The agency was using this account to interact with suspected criminals. While the woman, named Sondra Arquiett, had at one point been arrested as a suspect in a drug ring, she was put on probation instead of serving time. Later she learned her likeness was being used on a Facebook page that was not her own (in fact, she didn’t even have an account) and that information and photos from her seized phone were used to create the profile. Arquiett is sueing the DEA and the specific agent who created the profile with her information. Continue reading

Facebook Sues Lawyers of Discredited “Co-Founder” Paul Ceglia


By: Hurt Wagner

Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sued a handful of lawyers who represented Paul Ceglia in a 2010 case in which Ceglia claimed he was entitled to 84 percent ownership of the social network.

Ceglia’s claim was dismissed earlier this year after Facebook and Zuckerberg alleged that Ceglia forged the documents he used as evidence of his ownership in the company. (Ceglia was actually arrested in 2012 for falsifying these records; the case is still pending.) Continue reading

Indiana serial killer? Man arrested for murdering teenage prostitute confesses to six other murders – and police fear there could be many more


By: David Usborne

A man charged with the killing of a prostitute in Gary, Indiana, has led police to the decomposing bodies of six other women in assorted abandoned homes in the city spurring speculation that he may be America’s latest serial killer with perhaps yet more murders to his name stretching back over decades.

Continue reading

Facebook sues DLA Piper, other firms, 9 attorneys, says they conspired on fraudulent case


By: Martha Neil

Sued in 2010 by Paul Ceglia, who claimed a majority ownership interest in Facebook Inc. based on documentation since determined by a federal court to have been faked, the social media goliath and its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, have now turned the tables.

A new lawsuit (PDF) filed Monday by Facebook and Zuckerberg against DLA Piper, three other law firms and nine attorneys who formerly represented Ceglia contends that the defendants “conspired to file and prosecute a fraudulent lawsuit … based on fabricated evidence, for the purpose of extorting a lucrative and unwarranted settlement.” Continue reading

Apple and Facebook will cover the cost of freezing employees’ eggs

A technician opens a vessel containing w

By: Mariella Moon

Apparently, Facebook has been offering to cover the costs of egg freezing for female employees since January 1st this year, and you know who’s following in its footsteps? Apple. The iPhone-maker plans to offer the same service to its employees starting in January 2015. According to NBCNews, these two might just be the first employers willing to pay for the entire cost of egg freezing for non-medical reasons, which means everyone qualifies for the benefit, not just cancer patients for whom the procedure was originally intended. Most likely, employers hope to encourage female staff members to stay with them even during the last few years most women can conceive (late 30’s to early 40’s), as those are also the years one typically takes on senior positions. They’re probably also betting on the move to save them recruiting and hiring costs in the long run, while keeping top talent around and promoting gender diversity at the same time. Continue reading