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Die in this state and your heirs get your online accounts


By: Blake Ellis

When people die, it often means the end of their online identity as well.

But this month, Delaware became the first state to pass a broad law giving heirs the right to access online accounts and digital assets of someone who has passed away.

Under the new law, which went into effect last week, the executor of the estate has access to their “digital assets such as email, cloud storage, social media accounts, health records, content licenses, databases and more,” according to a statement from the Delaware House Democrats. Read the rest of this entry »

European Facebook Class Action Suit Attracts 60K Users As It Passes First Court Hurdle


By: Ingrid Lunden

Some developments around the class action suit filed against Facebook in Europeearlier this month over alleged privacy violations: the Austria-based Europe vs Facebook group organising the suit says that the Vienna Regional Court, where the suit was filed, has reviewed the case and has now given Facebook Ireland four weeks to respond. Ireland is the HQ for Facebook’s international operations, which cover over 80% of its users,

The news comes as some 60,000 people have now signed up to the suit, 25,000 of which have assigned their claims to join the class action, and 35,000 of which have registered to assign their claims when and if the suit widens to cover more users. Read the rest of this entry »

BET Wins Legal War Over Fan’s Facebook Page (Exclusive)


A Florida judge says Facebook likes aren’t the property of page creators

Read the rest of this entry »

If you lived and died in Delaware, your family now gets access to your digital afterlife

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.56.27 AM

The state just enacted a broad measure to protect digital inheritance

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New York’s Subway Inn Bar Lives On Until Eviction Hearing


By: Oshrat Carmiel and Chris Dolmetsch

Subway Inn, the 77-year-old Manhattan bar facing eviction, will survive for at least one more week.

New York City Civil Court Judge Lynn R. Kotler signed an order this week stopping World-Wide Group, the landlord of the East 60th Street building where the bar is located, from evicting the watering hole pending an Aug. 27 hearing.

The Salinas family, the tavern’s owner, has mounted a campaign to save the establishment, a New York City institution that kept its dive-bar atmosphere amid gleaming office towers on the Upper East Side. The family, in a post on its Facebook page yesterday, expressed “immense gratitude” to New Yorkers who fought to save the inn. Read the rest of this entry »

Woman sends $150K to dating scammer who used photo of Montana’s attorney general

An Indiana woman says she was conned out of $150,000 after falling for a person whose online photo looked just like Montana Attorney General Tim Fox.

The attorney general’s picture, apparently taken from a Facebook page used in his campaign, was used by the scammer to create a fake profile on a dating website, report the Associated Press and MTN News. Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook appeal claims DA’s request for data on 381 people violates Fourth Amendment

By: Debra Cassens Weiss

Facebook is contesting the Manhattan District’s Attorney’s right to obtain Facebook information for 381 people, though a judge already forced the social network to release the information.

Facebook filed an appeal last Friday, and documents in the case were unsealed on Wednesday, report theNew York Times and a Facebook statement. Prosecutors say the information helped in their cases against more than 130 police officers, firefighters and other government workers accused of collecting disability benefits. Read the rest of this entry »

Burglary suspect busted because he left his Facebook page open on victim’s computer, police say

By Martha Neil

A Minnesota man effectively updated his Facebook status to “busted” after he logged into his account while burglarizing a St. Paul home and left the page open, police say.

Nicholas Steven Wig, 26, was charged with burglary and jailed after resident James Wood arrived home last week, found the place in disarray with someone else’s wet clothes on the floor and discovered that items were missing, according to CNN and the Pioneer Press. Read the rest of this entry »

Supreme Court Tosses ‘Abstract’ Software Patent

By Sam Hananel

The Supreme Court on Thursday tossed out an Australian company’s patent for business software in a decision that clarifies standards for awarding patents, but not as much as some firms had hoped.

In a case closely watched by technology companies, justices ruled unanimously that the government should not have issued a patent to Alice Corp. in the 1990s because the company simply took an abstract idea that has been around for years and programmed it to run through a computer. Read the rest of this entry »

Limits to Law and Information Sharing, Despite Gunman’s Danger Signs

By: Adam Nagourney and Erica Goode

Elliot O. Rodger was a young college student who had few friends, detested his roommates and spent much of his time alone, reveling in the isolation of a local golf course or the beaches near Isla Vista, where he lived.

But a review of the three years leading up to Friday night, when Mr. Rodger killed six people and injured 13 others before shooting himself near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, suggests a series of flash points where his often bizarre and unsettling behavior might have drawn the attention of the authorities and, potentially, signaled his violent plans. Read the rest of this entry »


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