Why use a Process Server?

  • The rules for serving court documents can be complicated.
  • Law firms use process servers to serve foreclosures, civil actions, family court documents (i.e., divorce, child support, orders of protection, etc) and more.  however, you do not need to be a lawyer to use a process server.
  • You many not want to confront the person that you are suing in court.
  • The person you are trying to serve may be evading service. You may not be able to locate the person(s) you want to serve.  Process servers are able to locate them.
  • Process servers know the rules governing service of legal documents.  Legal documents must be served properly otherwise they may not be deemed valid resulting in potential problems, even dismissal, of the lawsuit.
  • The plaintiff may have several defendants that have to be served in a specific sequence.
  •  There are certain days and times that one can serve legal documents.
  • Process servers are able to work with local law enforcement in serving defendants that are being difficult.

For more information on process servers visit www.undisputedlegal.com or call 1.800.774.6922 for a free quote.  Open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm.  When you want it done right the first time contact Undisputedlegal.com.  #ProcessServer #ProcessServers #ProcessServing #ServiceofProcess #ProcessService

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