How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Law Practice

By: Amrita Khurana

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Law Practice

Most people have heard of Pinterest, a network based on sharing visual items. You may think that the network is only used for entertainment, but surprisingly, as of 2012, Pinterest has gets more referral traffic than Twitter. Pinterest has more than 70 million users, and many consumers are spending more and more time on it compared to other social media sites. But the question remains, “How can I use this for my law firm?” Here are some ways to get attention to your law practice by using Pinterest.

1) Improve your company profile

Include your business name, or your own name if you’re working alone. Add a short, but informative description. People don’t have time to read long descriptions, so get straight to the point: tell them who you are, what you do, and how you can be contacted. Be sure to add some personality into the description; your goal is to stand out from the others!

2) Make an eye-catching board

Pick a topic, and make it interesting. Think of engaging content that has to do with your practice, and turn it into something visual. Leave out the unnecessary jargon in the board name and make it easy for users to get to, whether it’s directly through Pinterest or other search engines.

As your first post you may want to pin an infographic about your law practice. You can include facts about law or talk about what makes you better than the others, but don’t let it get boring. Taller pictures get more re-pins than wide pictures because they take up more room on the news feed, and more re-pins means more attention to your page. The brighter it is, the more eye-catching the post- so stay away from the dull colors!

3) Don’t disappear!

You can’t be successful on Pinterest if you re-pin one thing the day you create an account and then leave it for a few weeks. Keep posting on your own boards and re-pinning other people’s content. Follow relevant boards and profiles as much as you can because chances are, they’ll follow you back. Like any other social media site, new users are joining Pinterest everyday. Stay active in order to make your page noticeable. Like and comment on other people’s posts so they do the same to you. The more followers you get, the more your posts are visible to them and also to users that follow them.

Connect your Pinterest page to your Facebook and Twitter, so even if you aren’t posting for a few days, users on other social media sites are able to access your boards and learn more about what you have to offer through different means. 

4) Use hashtags

Add one or two hashtags, but don’t overdo it. Hashtags are the new and quick way of searching things on social media sites, so think of a few good ones that you think users who are looking for lawyers would most likely type into the search bar. If your Twitter and Pinterest are connected, add the same hashtags and people will be able to find your boards through Twitter too.

5) Blog 

As much as Pinterest users are interested in looking at pictures, they’re also into reading blogs about things that might be useful to them. Make a board for your blogs, and if you already have blog posts on your website, post the link to those onto the board. Add a picture to go with the subject of the blog post, and add hashtags to this too so that it’s easy to access. If you have a Q&A on your website, you can post the link to that page on to your board to provide more information about yourself.

Use these tips to take advantage of Pinterest to grow your practice. You never know when someone could end up booking a consultation with you simply from seeing one of your pins.#Growyourlawpratice #Pinterest


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