Service of Process on a Corporation

A corporation shall be served by delivering the process to an officer, director, general agent, cashier or assistant cashier (as defined in cases interpreting this law) or upon any other agent authorized by the corporation to receive service.

Personal Service of process on a person shall be made in one of the following three ways:

1. Personal Delivery – delivering the papers within New York State to the person to be served. 2. Substituted Service – two steps, both of which are required:

  • Step 1: Delivering the process within New York State to a person of suitable age and discretion, who is willing to accept the papers, at the actual place of business, dwelling place or usual place of abode of the defendant or respondent.and
  • Step 2: Mailing the papers by first class mail to the person to be served at his or her last known residence or mailing them to his or her actual place of business. Important: The envelope used for the mailing must be marked “Personal and Confidential” and must not show in any way that the envelope contains papers about a legal action against the person being served.

3. Serving an Agent – delivering the initiating papers within New York State to a designated Agent (someone chosen by the person to accept process). CPLR 308(3). This method cannot be used in divorce action

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