Eviction Warrants

west-palm-beach-eviction-noticeA eviction warrant is a document issued by the court based upon a judgment of possession awarded by the court which permits the sheriff or marshal to remove persons from a premises.  A eviction warrant can only be issued to a sheriff or a marshal. After the judgment is awarded, you must contact the marshal so that the marshal can requisition the warrant from the court. The marshal will require the facts of the proceeding, including the index number, the names of the parties, the address of the premises, and a copy of the judgment, or, if it is a judgment based upon the respondent’s failure to answer, a letter requesting entry of the judgment. You will also have to pay the marshal a fee. The marshal will submit the papers to the court.

The warrant clerk will review the papers, and if everything is in order, the clerk will issue the warrant to the marshal. If the papers are defective, the clerk will return them to the marshal for correction.  After the marshal receives the eviction warrant, the marshal is then ready to proceed with the eviction.

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