If your small claim was based on the judgment debtor’s ownership or operation of a car, and your judgment was over $1,000 and has remained unpaid for more than 15 days, contact the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles about suspending the judgment debtor’s driver’s license until your judgment is paid.

If your small claim arises out of the conducting of the judgment debtor’s licensed or certified business, and your judgment has remained unpaid for 35 days, you can notify the appropriate state or local licensing authority. Failure to pay a judgment may be considered by the authority as grounds for revoking, suspending, or refusing to grant or renew a license to operate a business. Contact the Department of State with this information.

If the court finds the judgment debtor’s business appears to be engaged in fraudulent or illegal acts in the conducting of the business, you have the right to notify the Attorney General, as well as any appropriate licensing or certifying authority.

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