Enforcement officers generally charge as a fee a percentage of the amount collected. They also may require you to pay certain fees in advance for the expenses required to execute on the property. For example, you must pay the enforcement officer a mileage fee, in advance, for a property execution, and you may have to pay in advance for an income execution. You may wish to contact the enforcement officer to determine the amount of any fees. If you think that you will need the services of an enforcement officer, you may ask that the court include the enforcement officer’s fees as a “disbursement” in your case. “Disbursements” are certain out-of-pocket expenses that are granted to the winner of the case. You must be able to verify the amount of any claimed disbursements in order to have them included in your judgment.

If you receive payment directly from the judgment debtor after you hire an enforcement officer, you will still be responsible to the enforcement officer for all fees already paid, plus a percentage of the amount you received. This is true even if you received the payment or came to a settlement without any assistance from the enforcement officer.

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