Process Servers and The American Justice System!

You’ve seen it in a countless number of courtroom movies and TV shows: a man or woman dressed in business attire hands an unsuspecting person an envelope as he or she says, “You’ve been served.” This simple yet important tradition has been a hallmark of the American justice system for over 100 years, and it continues to be a necessary action in most court proceedings. Process servers are some of the most important parts of the legal system, and at Undisputed Legal, we maintain one of the most qualified staff of professional and educated process servers.

What exactly are in those mysterious envelopes on TV? In real life, these envelopes contain important court documents, known as “process,” and the reason they are often hand-delivered is to ensure the recipient receives notice of initial legal action in a timely manner. While each jurisdiction in the country has their own rules, a summons must be served to the defendant in person, either at his or her home or at the workplace.

At Undisputed Legal, we understand that when it comes to legal documents, time is of the essence. This is why we offer three tiers of process service. The first tier guarantees the first delivery attempt within 3 to 5 days. The second tier, called Rush Service, guarantees the first delivery attempt the next day. The third tier, Same Day Service, guarantees the first delivery attempt the same day.

For more information service of process visit or call 1.800.774.6922 for a free quote.  Open Monday-Friday 8am.-8pm.  “When you want it done right the first time” contact #serviceofprocess #processservice #processserver #processserving

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