Interviewing A Potential Lawyer

Once you’ve narrowed the field down to a few potential lawyers that are experienced in the legal matters that apply to you, the next step is to meet with them personally for an informal interview. You aren’t looking for a friend, but you do need to be compatible with your lawyer. Also, just because they are in high demand and come highly recommended to you does not mean their experience is aligned with your legal troubles.

Before meeting with the lawyers, be sure to have the facts and gather all pertinent information regarding your case. Having a list of questions to ask will help guide you and keep you on track. Here are some suggested topics and questions to see you through your interview:

  1. What type of cases do you generally handle?
  2. Who is your typical client?
  3. How many cases have you represented that were similar to mine?
  4. A preliminary outline of how the lawyer believes the case should be handled and the time frame for its completion.
  5. What are your attorney fees and costs, and how are they billed?
  6. Can junior attorneys or paralegals in the office handle some of legal work at a lower rate?
  7. What is your approach or philosophy to winning or representing a case?
  8. What are my alternatives in resolving the matter?
  9. How will you let me know what’s happening with my case?
  10. Approximately how long will it take to resolve?
  11. Do you recommend mediation or arbitration?
  12. What is the likely outcome in my case?

The answers to these questions should give you a good idea if that attorney is the right one to solve your legal problems. For additional information on professional and experienced paralegals, New York process servers, subpoena servers and skip tracers, visit us as #lawyer

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