Subpoena for medical records

Did you know….

Transcript or reproduction. Where a subpoena duces tecum is served upon a hospital, or upon a department or bureau of a municipal corporation or of the state, or an officer thereof, requiring the production of records relating to the condition or treatment of a patient, a transcript or a full-sized legible reproduction, certified as correct by the superintendent or head of the hospital, department or bureau or his assistant, or the officer, may be produced unless otherwise ordered by a court. Such a subpoena shall be served at least three days before the time fixed for the production of the records unless otherwise ordered by a court. (b) Delivery to clerk. Where a court has designated a clerk to receive records described in subdivision (a), delivery may be made to him at or before the time fixed for their production. The clerk shall give a receipt for the records and notify the person subpoenaed when they are no longer required. The records shall be delivered in a sealed envelope indicating the title of the action, the date fixed for production and the name and address of the attorney appearing on the subpoena. They shall be available for inspection pursuant to the rules or order of the court.

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