Public Records Searches

For consumers interested in conducting background checks, public records represent the first step to gathering the information you need about individuals, businesses and assets. Undisputed Legal helps you easily find and search these records, which puts a variety of background checks, public records searches and other screening tools at your fingertips.

Using Undisputed Legal we can quickly search a business, locate and discover links between people and assets, and even investigate property value. We instantly access billions of public records compiled from official data sources across the nation. Records can include:

Full Name, Age, Recent Address, Phone Numbers, Address History, AKAs/Maiden Name, Potential Associates, Potential Relatives, Neighbors, Properties, Home Value, Aircraft / Boats, Hunting / Fishing License, Criminal Records, Concealed Weapon, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Judgments, Accident History, Death Record, Email Address

For more information Public Records Searches speak to our skip trace department or  visit or call 1.800.774.6922 for a free quote.  Open Monday-Friday 8am.-8pm.  “When you want it done right the first time” contact #publicerecordssearches

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