Cops in Ferguson Are Extremely Racist, According to the Feds

By: Allie Conti

cops-in-ferguson-missouri-are-extremely-racist-according-to-the-feds-303-body-image-1425425265Although the report doesn’t officially come out until Wednesday, multiple news outlets have obtained leaks from the long-awaited federal probe into the Ferguson Police Department launched after the killing of unarmed black teen Michael Brown.The gist? The man who shot Brown, Officer Darren Wilson, will almost certainly not face civil rights charges, but his employer sure as hell will.  When Wilson killed Brown last August, it set off a wave of protests from coast to coast and started a national debate on racism—both of which were revived when a grand jury declined to indict the officer the following November. Missourians reacted both by peacefully marching down city streets and, occasionally, looting local stores. The outburst of emotion certainly seemed to be the culmination of systematic ill treatment of the city’s overwhelmingly black residents by it’s mostly white police force. Continue reading

Alabama Court Orders a Halt to Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

By: Campbell Robertson

The Alabama Supreme Court on Tuesday night ordered probate judges around the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, ruling in direct opposition to a federal judge that the state’s ban on same sex marriage did not violate the United States Constitution.  In a 7-to-1 decision, the court ruled that “Alabama law allows for ‘marriage’ between only one man and one woman,” and that the state’s probate judges “have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to this law.” Continue reading

Fifty-year struggle for equality has a major breakthrough at the University of Sydney

By: Michael Kirby

1425353506328What would Sydney University’s long-time, and formidable, Registrar (1955-1967), Miss Margaret Telfer, make of an occasion celebrating “gay” and “queer” students arriving in droves at the University of Sydney?  Of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor actually welcoming them in the hallowed precincts of the Great Hall?  And of that strange rainbow flag floating above the clock tower in the quadrangle?  “Has the world been turned on its head, Sir Stephen?” she would no doubt ask Sir Stephen Roberts, the university’s grumpy Vice-Chancellor.  Well, actually Miss Telfer, the world has been turned on its head.  The Chancellor is now a woman.  Indeed, the third woman in that high office.  And the Vice-Chancellor, welcoming all these “queer” students and their friends is a priest in his spare time.  And from the Sydney Diocese of austere Anglicanism at that.  Continue reading

Jury acquits grower who cited medical need for marijuana

By: Rafael Oleda

fl-jesse-teplicki-jpg-20150302It worked.  For the first time in Florida history, a Broward jury acquitted a marijuana grower after finding he has a medical need for the illegal drug.  Jesse Teplicki hid nothing from the detectives who showed up at his Hollywood home two years ago acting on a tip that he was growing pot on the premises. And he hid nothing from the jury on Thursday when he took the stand at his criminal trial, even admitting that he smoked a marijuana cigarette earlier in the day to treat the nausea and suppressed appetite that had been plaguing him for decades. Continue reading

Fair DUI Flyer

The Fair DUI Flyer has been the hot topic of conversation recently and you can see dozens of youtube videos with people putting this to use during DUI checkpoints.

The actual flyer is the following:


Obviously this has brought much concerned to with certain people and organizations (such as M.A.D.D.) who feel people might be abusing this purposely to get away with getting DUI charges while actually under the influence, which simply puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk my maintaining people on the road who shouldn’t be driving.

According to Florida based lawyer, Warren Redlich, this is a foolproof way to drive through DUI checkpoints without be held or questioned. #DUI #DUIFlyer

FULL Tamir Rice Shooting Video: Tamir Rice Shooting Video Cleveland Police Tamir Rice Shooting Video

Cleveland mayor apologizes for ‘insensitivity’ in Tamir Rice legal case

By: Catherine E. Shoichet

Cleveland’s mayor apologized Monday for the city’s “poor use of words and our insensitivity” in the Tamir Rice case.   Mayor Frank Jackson told reporters the city was apologizing to the Rice family and the people of Cleveland for the wording of a legal filing last week, which said the death of Tamir, a 12-year-old who was shot by police in November, was the sixth-grader’s own fault.  “We did something that … is hurtful to the family, that is disrespectful to them and the victim as well as the city of Cleveland,” he said.

Continue reading