The biggest lawyer fail of all time? (video)

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California judge upholds law requiring larger cages for egg-producing chickens


By: Lorelei Laird

A Sacramento, California, federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging that state’s requirements for egg production, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky and Iowa had sued California over rules setting a minimum size for cages used in the production of all eggs sold in the state. If it’s not appealed, the ruling means that the larger-cage requirements will go into effect as scheduled on Jan. 1. Continue reading

Bite-mark expert’s flip-flop is cited in death-row inmate’s new appeal


By: Debra Cassens Weiss

A Mississippi inmate on death row for two decades has filed a new appeal that claims he was convicted largely because of the kind of bite-mark evidence that has been cited in 24 wrongful convictions and indictments since 2000.

The inmate, Eddie Lee Howard Jr., was convicted in the murder and rape of an 84-year-old woman after a Mississippi dentist testified Howard’s bite matched that of bite marks on the woman’s body, examined after burial and exhumation, the New York Times reports. The Innocence Project filed the appeal, which also cited new testing that found none of Howard’s DNA at the crime scene or on the victim’s body. Continue reading

Man exonerated by own research gets $13M for wrongful conviction in rabbi slaying

By: Martha Neil

Wrongfully convicted of murdering a rabbi in 1994, a high-school dropout who served 16 years before being exonerated due largely to his own pro se legal work from prison has won one of the largest settlements in New York City history.

Now represented by a lawyer, Jabbar Collins, 42, is to get $10 million from the city to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit that was on the verge of trial. A separate state-court lawsuit against New York state was settled last month for $3 million, according to the New York Daily News and the Wall Street Journal (sub. req.).

Attorney Joel Rudin, who represents Collins, says the $13 million total ties the record amount for a wrongfully convicted defendant in New York City, reports the Associated Press. Continue reading

Suit says Chobani Greek Yogurt isn’t made in Greece and has more sugar than an ice cream bar

By: Debra Cassens Weiss

A deceptive-practices lawsuit (PDF) filed Thursday in Brooklyn federal court says Chobani Greek Yogurt is deceptively marketed as a healthy product, though it typically contains more sugar than a Nestle fudge ice cream bar.

The yogurt lists “evaporated cane juice” as an ingredient, the suit says, even though the juice derivative “is nothing more than sugar dressed up to sound like a healthier sweetener.” The product also displays “0%” on the top and front of its product packaging, without providing any context as to what “0%” means, the suit alleges. Continue reading

Murder defendant’s lawyer asks judge to stop mom from posting about her daughter’s death on Facebook

A lawyer for a murder defendant in South Carolina is asking a judge to order the victim’s mother and other family members to stop posting about the teen’s death on Facebook.

Lawyer Charles Grose represents Michael Beaty Jr., 30, who is accused of strangling 19-year-old Emily Asbill at a June party in Clinton, South Carolina. Last month Grose asked Judge Eugene Griffith Jr. to extend a gag order covering the lawyers to the victim’s mother and other family members, report the Associated Press and the Clinton Chronicle.

Grose said comments by Asbill’s mother, Emily Joy, at a rally in Greenwood and on Facebook could prevent his client from getting a fair trial. His motion includes links to Facebook posts with pictures of Asbill, requests for prayers, and links to stories about domestic violence, AP says. The Greenwood rally was titled “No More Lies & Bruises.” Continue reading