Divorce: 8 Signs You Need a Lawyer

Divorce: 8 Signs You Need a Lawyer

By: Paula Lennon

Takeaway: Some couples can divide amicably and fairly. Many can’t, and that’s where they get into trouble.

So, the life-changing words “I want a divorce” have just been uttered – or texted, instant messaged or emailed. Whether this statement came totally out of the blue or felt inevitable, the question for you, the soon to be divorced ex, is “What do I do now?”

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Facebook Apologizes to Drag Queens Over Real-Name Policy


By: Brian Womack

Facebook Inc. (FB) apologized to drag queens and the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community after an outcry over the social network’s policy of requiring members to use real names for their accounts on its service.

The company, which from its founding has focused on authentic identities instead of allowing anonymous activity, drew criticism after it locked out some users going by their drag names, leading to complaints that the inability to use a pseudonym could compromise individuals’ safety and privacy.

According to a statement yesterday by Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, Facebook was caught off-guard when someone reported several hundred of these accounts as fake, triggering a process that requires users to validate their names with some form of identification, like library cards, mail or gym memberships, which can be difficult for those who go by pseudonyms.  Continue reading

50 simple ways you can market your practice

By Stephanie Francis Ward

You can spend a lot of money on legal marketing, but you don’t need to. Nor do you have to be naturally outgoing or charming. What is necessary for good business development, say successful lawyers and consultants who shared their strategies with the ABA Journal, is a marketing plan focused on activities you do well, targeted at the right audience and carried out consistently. Give it some time, they say, and business will come. Continue reading


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